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The Padakun Centre is the single research centre for the exploration and promotion of contemplative walking. Based on the work of Innen Ray Parchelo, Padakun strives to gain and share understanding for the benefits of walking as a contemplative experience and practice.

Thursday, 20 November 2014



Must’ve been some Hallowe’en leftovers about ! We held our first movie night this week and the goblins were out in full force. First of all I was sure I had my copy of the planned movie, Departures, handy on my bookshelf. In the days before I checked the shelves at home, at my office and at RMML and no DVD in sight. Hmmmph. Next I remembered to bring our audio kit but forgot to bring my laptop to actually play the movie. Hmmmph again. On the night of the movie, I got hold of a TV and DVD player from a friend (Thanks , Julie). We substituted another film, The Unmistaken Child, and, as they say, they show must go on.
As it turned out, I had never seen the DVD and just had it in our library with plans to watch it “some night”. It was incredible. It was a documentary of the search for a tulku, a reincarnated teacher from one Tibetan sect. It took 3 years to cover the story and the film did not lose its edge in spite of the protracted time-frame. The most touching moment came when the family of the child had to decide to give him over to the monastery. Clearly the family loved the boy but made a decision which only people with a profound spiritual life could make.

We have our first half-day meditation retreat this Saturday. We’ve done workshops before but haven’t done an actual retreat for several years. Looking forward to the intensity and companionship.

Watch for our December SODAI-The Mindful Living Newsletter coming out this Tuesday. There’ll be some minor shuffling in the December schedule because we’ll close for a couple of weeks, from December 20-January 2. As we slide into December, don’t forget to renew your monthly memberships or purchase a new one if you aren’t already a member.

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