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The Padakun Centre is the single research centre for the exploration and promotion of contemplative walking. Based on the work of Innen Ray Parchelo, Padakun strives to gain and share understanding for the benefits of walking as a contemplative experience and practice.

Monday, 9 February 2015



We’ve often said that the term “mindfulness” has been co-opted by marketers and people who really have no idea what the term means. The weather-guy now says “be mindful of the snow”, rather than “drive slowly because it is snowing outside”. The gift of mindfulness as vipassana, (complete awareness) has been degraded as mindfulness-lite. Here’s a great example of why the term has become just a synonym for noticing or attention. 
 Mindfullness Or Mindfulness

Mindful living, as we understand it in Red Maple is a way of being and acting in your life which includes what we call the PARA skills – purpose, attention, relationships and activity. It is a comprehensive approach to how we can live every aspect of our lives so that we develop a deep satisfaction. It is how we can recognize ourselves as living and expressing what we say matters. Mindful living, as I have often said, is not just tacking something onto the way you have always lived your life and expecting that to transform everything. Mindful living is enquiring into your life with a willingness to live differently, to challenge the assumptions you have which have held you at a distance from the richness of your own experience and trapped you in reactivity instead of purposefulness.

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