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The Padakun Centre is the single research centre for the exploration and promotion of contemplative walking. Based on the work of Innen Ray Parchelo, Padakun strives to gain and share understanding for the benefits of walking as a contemplative experience and practice.

Friday, 12 December 2014


This is the final week of programming at the Red Maple Mindful Living Center for 2014. This has been a turbulent year, full of hellos and goodbyes, growth and changes. When I was looking at our expectations for 2014, the Year of the Horse, the main themes were those of movement, “herd” development and leadership. It is not difficult to see those themes playing out in our experience of RMML. It is never easy to relocate, but all the more difficult when we leave not one, but two familiar and supportive environments. We had thought to concentrate on our familiar presence at the Marguerite Center, only to realize that their own uncertainty made our co-location problematic.

Perhaps more significant than the theme of movement, is the theme of leadership. Never before, in our 12 year history, have we been in such a position of leadership. We are the pre-eminent training and practice site for mindful living in all of rural Eastern Ontario. We have set the bar very high for these practices and living. It is not difficult to find others who are piggy-backing on the prominence of mindfulness and making that an add-on to their services. Sadly, very few have the training and understanding to do so in an authentic manner. For us, we are not a me-too position, but rather the position of demonstrating the highest quality, most current, and most authoritative presentation of mindful living.

We’ll talk about next year over coming weeks, so this is the appropriate place to express gratitude. First, and foremost, we are grateful for the strength and commitment of all those who have kept Red Maple active over this year. Week after week this dedicated group shares the responsibility described above. We are grateful to former and present landlords who have ensured excellent spaces for our activities.

Note: Last Wednesday was the first, but likely not the last occasion, when it was necessary to cancel our practice session due to dangerous weather conditions. In general, I prefer to err on the side of caution. Myself, I prefer not to drive when there is some risk from weather, and I hope this is similar to other practitioners. My apologies for this inconvenience.

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